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        ADD:NO.128,West Renmin road,Hengshui city,Hebei,China
        Home > Young Barley Leaves Powder


        Trademark Chunming
        Certification Adopt to the certification of OCDin china,EECin EuropeandNOPin
        USA(Certified by ECOCERT SA F-32600), JASin Japan
        N.W 150g/bag*40/ carton
        Package   organic young barley plant
         Component Add this product of 3-5g to the water under 40, then shake it well before use .
        Sanitation licence code Heng Health License NO.(2006)-0110
        Food production licence code SC11613110200015
        Perform standard  Q/HSSZ 0001S-2018
        Shelf life 18 months
        Manufacturer Hengshui Shanzhi Health Drink CO.,LTD.
        Address 128,West Renmin Road,Hengshui City,Hebei,China
        Origin  Hengshui city, Hebei province
        E-mail sales@hsshanzhi.com
        Web www.egalmag.com
        Supplement Facts

        Supplement Facts Per 100 grams Supplement Facts Per 100 grams
        Protein 20.1g Vitamin B2 1.18mg
        Cellulose 26.5g Vitamin B5 770ug
        SOD Enzyme 1370U Vitamin B6 24.7mg
        Chlorophyll 698mg Iron 58.5mg
        Total sugars 10.43g Zine 2.78mg
        Folic Acid 120ug Calcium 2220mg
        Vitamin C 24mg Potassium 2229.6mg
        Vitamin E 383.4mg Phosphorus 240mg
        Vitamin B1 4.42mg Magnesium 1060mg
        Organic young barley leaves powder:
        1,Uses fresh young wheat through the international organic base as raw material, strictly according to international organic authentication regulations processing.
        2. Pure natural nutriment, does not have any chemical additive.
        3, Besides of contain vegetable protein, natural vitamin, and kinds of minerals, the barley leaves also include diversified nutrient, for example, activated ferment, chlorophyll, animalistic flavone, and so on, the nutrient can meet bodys need and be absorbed fully, its the best natural health food.
        4, According to the personal taste , mix and drink with beverages such as milk, fruit juice, etc.,
        5, Having barley peculiar fragrant flavors, simple and convenient, suitable for all kinds of crowds.
        Drinking method:
        Drink 1-2 times every day, once 3-5g, add or subtract consumption according to the individual needing.
        1, Wash the cup cleans first.
        2, Pouring 150ml cold water or milk into the cup.
        3, Put 3-5g the product.
        4, Tighten the cup, shake to even.
        5, Then pouring it into glass and drink, if put a few ice cubes, The feeling in the mouth is better.
        1, after Pours the powder into drinking glass and then match to solution, must use the ladle full agitation to be even, then takes.
        2, This product should be taken at once after mixing evenly and not put longer time.
        3,Should put this product into water below 40 to drink, please don't put into the hot water directly, so as not to destroy the nutrient component.
        4, Please don't pour powder in the mouth directly, so as not to stop up the throat.
        Organic Knowledge:
        Organic Agriculture is a kind of farming system which follows the principles of sustainable development and the criterion of international organic agriculture rules. During the farming process, Organic Agriculture completely forbids or restricts the application of man-made fertilizer, pesticide, plant growth regulating substances, additives and prohibits adopting gene project technology and its outcome. The core of Organic Agriculture is to establish and restore the biology variety and well-balanced circulation of agriculture ecological system.
        Organic food means a kind of food which come From organic agriculture production system, processing according to organic agricultural production request and organic food standard and then Through legitimate organic food authentication organization authentication agricultural product and its finished goods.
        The production of organic food which attaches importance to environment protection and food safety, protests the harmony of nature and human beings, insists on the sustainable development of zoology and economy, adapts to the healthy, safe and organic consumption of modern life which human beings are pursuing. 
        Introduction of organic young barley leaves powder
        The organic young barley leaves powder uses the viridis powder becomes from barley tender leaf which through the microwave drying and low temperature air current smashing. The young barley plant contains rich and balanced nutrition elements, such as plant protein, chlorophyll, prandial fibre and so forth. Furthermore, its also composed of biological active substances such as Superoxide Dismutase (SOD) .
        Comparison of nutrition ingredients with other fruits and vegetables:
        The young barley leaves powder which is processed with techniques of microwave dehydration and low temperature airflow comminution contains much more mineral and Vitamin than other fruits and vegetables. For instance, the potassium content of it is 25 times more than that of banana, the calcium content is 10 times more than that of milk, the iron content is 5 times more than that of spinach, the magnesium content is 6 times more than that of wheat flour. In addition, it also contains the microelement of zinc which couldnt be found from other foods. Regarding Vitamin content, VitarminB1 content is 16 times more than that of tomato, Vitamin B2 is 45 times more than that of Lettuce, Vitamin C is 7 times more than that of Orange, Vitamin E is 20 times more than that of wheat flour, other nutrition element such as folacin content is 8 times more than that of Spinach. 
        Introduction of barley chlorophyll:
        The organic young barley leaves powder is rich in barley chlorophyll which could effectively eliminate the harm of chemical antiseptics in food and body waste.
        The lastNil
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