An Interview with Jorena McKinstry

Updated: Aug 21, 2018

Hi Jorena!

I’d like to welcome you to EgalMag and I am so excited for our readers to be able to get to know you and hear from you. Words cannot describe how much I value what you bring to the Body and to me personally. Before we get into the deep things of God, can you tell our readers a little bit about yourself, your background, etc?

I've been married for 30 years to my husband Emmanuel and we have four adult children, Britni (26), Bria (24), Gabriel (23) and Destined (21). I have one grandchild Gabrielle (age two) whom I affectionately call my 'Glory Girl'.  I'm from the Seattle, Wa. area and I grew up in a Christian home with both of my parents and five siblings.  I was influenced greatly by my Godly mother Tressie Bell. I'm a very simple woman with a high school education. I didn't get much of an education so I'd love to be able to go back to school and get a degree in communications and human resources. I enjoy being at home. I rather enjoy the solitude.  It is not unusual for me to take the Bible or other Christian reading materials and go down to the lake to read and pray. I could spend hours in the word and prayer and never get bored. For entertainment I enjoy watching home rehab and nature shows.

What has God been speaking to you about recently? What has His Spirit been revealing to you?

God has been speaking to me about the glory of our position in Christ and the value of understanding what the ascended life is about. You know the Father placed us in the best possible position and that's in- The Man Christ Jesus. Jesus is seated far above principalities and every rank of darkness and we're seated there with him. I'm struck by how as a man Jesus lived and modeled for us what the overcoming life looks like when humans beings surrender to the leadership of Holy Spirit. Holy Spirit is revealing the power of the cross and He is revealing the beauty of Jesus and the power of his ascension. Daily Holy Spirit in one way or another loves to remind me to take my place at the side of Jesus without striving and just be with Him there. I'm seeing from that vantage point that I'm more than a conqueror and I get to enforce the victory of Jesus.He really is for me and I get to call others to this reality as well.

What do you see as your role in the Body? What do you think are your greatest giftings to be used for advancing the Kingdom?

My number one role in the Body of Christ is that of an intercessor. It is such a honor to have Jesus the greatest intercessor of all shares his heart with me.  My greatest giftings for advancing the Kingdom are prophetic intercession, ministry in both known and spontaneous songs, teaching and encouragement.

What obstacles have you encountered along the way and how have you overcome them?

Lack of formal education and seeing myself as God sees me and a difficult marriage. I've come to the conclusion that as long as there is still breath in my body I can reach for higher education. In terms of how I see myself I'm finding tremendous breakthrough by simply asking God how He feels about me and how He sees me. Agreeing with the written word is doing wonders for my self-esteem. Again I'm positioned in Christ and that revelation is bringing all kinds of healing to me. As far as the difficult marriage I'm learning more of how to contend for our destiny and promises from God. I rest knowing that He is with me and sees without obscurity and all things will work together for my good. I have great confidence that He's in the waiting where my marriage is concerned.

What do you feel is God’s heart toward men and women? Have you encountered and resistance as you step out in serving God as a woman? Have you encountered any internal doubts?

I love the Genesis 1:27-28 dominion mandate.Male and female it's not complicated. If we will maintain the simplicity of devotion to Jesus the male/female dynamic will reflect the glory He intended from the beginning. Thankfully I have not had any resistance as I step out as a woman in ministry.That very well may be because I have not ministered much outside of my local church body. I've been very blessed to be around men that recognize and celebrate my gifts.Women are very much celebrated in my apostolic network. My greatest internal doubt has come from my lack of education and the ability to communicate in both verbal and written form.

What do you want the Body to know about God’s heart for them? Any practical insight that we seem to be lacking (as the Body)?

The heart of God is so for his people that he had a dream in his heart for each and every one of us in eternity past. In love he planned for us according to Eph. 1:4 and he wants us to be convinced that we are his poetry. Not only that he poured out his Son and he overcame this fallen broken world and ascended into glory to serve in the High Priestly role so that we will come into the fullness of our purpose. The ascended life is the life he has for us all. There is an amazing story line that he has written about our destinies. He wants us fully persuaded of his goodness and to buy into how he sees us. As God's children we really are a gift to the family of man and all of creation is waiting for our unveiling. Practical insights would be a return to the word so that we can align our lives, thoughts and emotions with the word. The Father speaks in the language of the Son and the written word reveals Jesus the One that we find our completeness in. So I can't stress enough the value of studying and praying the word.

Many of our readers maybe feeling fear or insecurity or doubt about pursuing God whole heartedly and/or walking in the gifting God has given them. Can you relate to this at all and/or what would you say to encourage them?

David said, "Thy word have I hid in my heart that I might not sin against you" Ps. 119:11. I  really believe that ignorance of God's heart,emotions and personality that is revealed in the word is largely responsible for the fear and insecurity about pursuing God wholeheartedly and walking in our gifts. Everything Jesus did revealed the Father and Jesus is pretty attractive. So the more we fill our minds with the word through meditation and dialogue with God it will change our internal chemistry towards God and as a result walking in our gifts will be a natural outflow of our intimacy with God. We will love what he loves and want to be where he is moving. Jesus said, "My meat is to do the will of him who sent me' Jn. 4:34. Yes I can relate. The enemy used to come and tell me I'm not qualified because I'm not...... but I've learned to stop living in reaction to the devil and reacting to his voice. I've started living in response to the Father. One time Jesus spoke to my heart and said, "You know I said my sheep will not follow the voice of a stranger and sometimes the voice of the stranger is your own voice Jorena when it doesn't line up with my word". That tender rebuke so strengthened my heart. How I love Jesus his words both pierce and heal.

Any other thoughts you just want to get out?

We are living in the greatest time in history. Jesus rebuked his generation for not recognizing the hour of their visitation. Daniel wrote about our day as well as many other writers of the Biblical text. Jesus in Matt. 24 listed key signs to recognize the times. Jesus called us to co-labor with him in disciplining the nations. We know that the harvest is the end of the age and Jesus is the Lord of the harvest and he promises to be with us to the end of the age. So Let's answer the directive of Jesus to Ekballo (thrust out) laborers. Let's be his wholehearted bride at his side and reap the harvest of the earth from every nation, tribe and tongue.

If people want to connect with you, where can they find you? Are you on social media at all?

I can be reached by email and on Facebook.

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