O Beautiful Woman of God

Author requested to be Anonymous and to give all glory to God.

O beautiful woman of God

Daughter of peace

How dainty are your feet as

They rush to share the gospel of Our Lord.

O daughter of wisdom

Precious jewels pour from your lips

As you tell of heavenly truths.

Idleness has never entered your gates

And your light has not failed to shine.

Your arms are warm and loving, no fear dwells therein.

Always willing to give, you show the world your power.

O beautiful woman of God

Within your heart lies no deceit

Pure are the thoughts that dwell therein.

Your victories have been savored

Conquests are in hand.

Beautiful woman of God

Your passion for Our Savior

Overcomes all you encounter.

Strong, prayerful woman of God

Hold fast your lamp of faith.

Stoke your fire

And await the trumpet call

O beautiful daughter of God.

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