Single, Called, and Complete by Carmen Puscas

It is a well-known fact that God created us unique and special. Even secular science admits that there are no two individuals exactly the same, not even “identical twins”. God created us with specific purpose, that's why we have no success when we try to copy someone else. Each one of us has a unique path in life. Even if at some point it seems similar to that of others, it won't take long before it diverges again, and this is true no matter if we are women or men.

Like most girls, I was dreaming to start a family after graduating university. But God had something else in mind, and that was to become His daughter and then be a spiritual mother for many. It took me a while to realize that I am the happiest when I am in God's will, ministering to and helping people find Jesus and then grow in Him. Also, that as a woman I can be happy and complete in Jesus, even if I'm not married.

In my early Christian years, I was regularly taught that women have to be submissive to their husbands and cannot teach or preach in Church, but that never sat well with me. I would try to repent and ask God to help me accept that, but I still couldn't do it. My daily goal has always been to please God, so I would pray and read the Bible daily, being constantly thirsty for more of the presence and the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Little did I know that it was God who placed that thirst in me and He was preparing me for becoming His tool. Since the beginning I had a passion to see people saved, healed and living better lives for Jesus, and that lead me to becoming a pastor without even realizing it. Loving people, teaching them the truth, caring for their needs and being there for them when they need help, is a gift from God and is doable only with His help.

After a couple of years of being a Christian, I received a book about  prayer and while reading it, the Lord spoke to my heart to start a prayer group with young girls from the church I was attending. We had meetings once a week and God started to answer our prayers and was growing us as the Holy Spirit's presence and gifts became normal for our meetings. That was the beginning of having weekly meetings in our home and little by little men started to join us, too.

Along the years, God brought wonderful people on my path, especially American missionaries. By seeing how God was using them, I was even more convinced that God uses not only men, but also women, in His Kingdom. By focusing on the Bible verses which prove that in Jesus we are all equal, no matter the gender and that the Holy Spirit ministers in equal measure to all of us, men and women, if we thirst for more of Him, I felt more secure in doing what God called me to do.

In my case, the fact that all the pastors in town turned against me, when God called me out of the church I was saved in, opened my eyes and caused me to realize that the freedom I thought I had by leading the cell group was just an illusion. I also realized I was leading the group with a deep fear so as to not upset the pastors as they were against the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Because of that, I was limiting the works of the Holy Spirit. I was in “bondage of the fear of men” and I was clueless. It took half an year of prophetic dreams and visions and a visible block from the pastors in the church service, to finally admit to myself that me and my mother had to leave the church. It was so painful, but because being there was limiting me from accomplishing the call on my life, God had to get me to where I was ready “to step out of the boat”. The house church that was born after that, was the place where I learned to not limit the works of the Holy Spirit and let Him work as He pleases. There is tremendous blessing in that! God used Eileen and Mike Berglund, together with the teams they brought with them along the years, to train us into the whole truth of how to be free in Jesus.

All that the enemy intends for our destruction, God changes for good. When we hurt the most, He blesses and comforts us the most. The anointing increases and our ministry becomes stronger and brings more people to Jesus. The pastors in town blocked my ministry in their churches, but God blessed me with a special sister in Christ that started an internet ministry, by writing articles on a website. I felt that God wanted me to translate her teachings into Romanian. After almost four years, we have three bi-lingual websites and God uses them to bless thousands of people every day, from all over the world. I could never dream to be used by God to touch so many lives. Since 2001 God continues to open new doors for me to preach and teach. In addition to the house church and websites, He has allowed me to minister in different churches in USA, just as He spoke to me through one of His prophets. In the future, God may open even more doors for teaching in person, but whatever the case, I am tremendously blessed and happy living in God's will and obeying Him.

All the women ministers that I know have a husband by their side that supports their ministry. Even so, they have to face lots of criticism. Jesus is not only my Lord, He is my husband and my everything. He is my protection and my support and I know He will help me fulfill all His plans for my life, step by step, one day at a time.

So, if you are single and you feel that God gifted you to be His minister, just follow His voice and you will be amazed how much He will accomplish through you and how blessed you will feel. God knew what plan He had for us when He decided our gender and our marital status.

Men or women, married or single we are all called to obey God, live to please Him and be a blessing to those around us. The more we help others to find Jesus and live for Him, the more God's Kingdom will advance. We can do nothing on our own, but “we can do all things in Christ, who strengthens us” (Philippians 4:13).

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